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Mangalam Industries Pvt. Ltd
I-4484-82, Millenium Textile Market, Ring Road,
SURAT - 395002. Gujarat (IND)
Phone No : 91-261-2313098, 6543098, 3246541
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Our Team
Our Team
Our Management Team - Mangalam Industries Pvt. Ltd
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About Us


·         We Strive For Excellence

Excellence in the products we make, in the services we provide and in the innovations we introduce. Delivering on this promise of excellence is the key to fulfilling the MANGALAM vision.

·         Our Vision

Mangalam will be much more than a yarn supplier -- we will be the leader in providing global textile solutions.

·         Our Mission

To profitably grow our business by understanding our customer's needs, focusing on operational excellence and driving product innovation.


·          Our Capabilities & Services

         Our manufacturing process turn raw materials and fiber into synthetic filament yarns. These yarns are then sold and further processed into fabrics. Outside of our wide range of manufacturing capabilities, we provide many value added services to our customers including onsite technical service and door-to-door delivery through, Mangalam owned and operated transportation facilities.


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