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Mangalam Industries Pvt. Ltd
I-4484-82, Millenium Textile Market, Ring Road,
SURAT - 395002. Gujarat (IND)
Phone No : 91-261-2313098, 6543098, 3246541
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Our Team
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  Our Ideals, Our Initiatives
         Making our business more sustainable is a project that never ends. Because we can always improve on what we're doing. We'll never stop looking at our business from fresh perspectives and taking advantage of new ideas and technology to reduce our environmental footprint. Our key initiatives arise from four important ideals:

Ideal 1: One Common Goal
  One company can make a difference. More than one, a bigger difference. From employees to end users, we will encourage the entire supply chain to work together to achieve one common goal: A reprieve. For the planet.

Ideal 2: Responsibility & Commitment
  It's not just about product or process. It's about being totally committed to doing what's right - including giving back. To our communities. And to organizations that help take care of our planet for future generations.

Ideal 3: Sustainable Textile Solutions
  Unifi will consistently develop and commercialize innovative, affordable textile solutions, reducing our company's long-term environmental footprint.

Ideal 4: Integrity & Authenticity
  We've been entrusted with a great responsibility. So trust is paramount. Unifi will do the right things, in the right ways. By providing real and transparent sustainable textile solutions.
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