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Mangalam Industries Pvt. Ltd
I-4484-82, Millenium Textile Market, Ring Road,
SURAT - 395002. Gujarat (IND)
Phone No : 91-261-2313098, 6543098, 3246541
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Our Team
Our Management Team - Mangalam Industries Pvt. Ltd
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           MANGALAM industries incorporated in the year 2003 with a dream to be the most reputed texturising unit in Surat with a huge customer hold and being known for it's unmatchable quality and competitive prices and custoemr friendly behaviour.  Initially the plant was setup with 2 texturising machine of 240 spindles each with an average production of 5 metric tons per day. Gradually under the leadership of MR. VIPIN BIYANI MANGALAM industries started to serve the city with quality textured yarn.
          Mr. VIPIN BIYANI with his knowledge and sheer leadership made Mangalam industries a prestigious brand in the polyester textured market, carrying the name of his family's pride which they had earned in Surat textile business in the last 35 years by his elder brother's in this textile field. Till the end of 2003 Mangalam installed 2 more texturising machines with an average production of 10 metric tones per day. After creating a brand image and a satisfied customer background and need to expand plant with the production the board of directors decided to built an highly automated and well established with all the ultra modern facilities to meet with the modern world and customer needs. After finishing with its' construction in 2006 the company added 2 more texturising machines in their paddock. These machines were huge whose individual production capacity was 4.5 metric tons per day. At this point of tym the per day capacity of the plant was reached upto 30 metric tons per day.
            The upcoming year of 2007 was a move head for the Mangalam industries in which the enhanced their product category by providing a facility for intermingled products, whether it was recession or whether it was a booming period the customers were always kept first. The simple saying by the director MR. VIPIN BIYANI customers should never be cheated nor they should be misguided and if a customer comes to you make sure he is fully satisfied and never goes back. Keeping this things in mind the staff and the management team of Mangalam headed their way to success and pride. In the year 2008 the company installed 3 texturising machines which added 15 tons to the per day capacity. This was the period the company achieved new heights and was a renowned name in SURAT' s textile market.

        In the year 2009 the product category got expanded with an addition of 3 texturising machines, with a facility of slub attachment as well. The company was providing a huge amount of their product for fabric, home furnishing and for yarn dyeing and knitting in the markets of surat and nearby places. Till date the yearly production capacity was 15,000 metric tons. In 2010 the company even expanded their production of their intermingled products like high,low and slight intermingled product counts. The company established 2 more texturising machines in the year of 2010. Today Mangalam is a brand image and due to its quality management and compatible prices the company got orders from various different countries. The company is looking forward to expand their production capacity in the near future. The company has installed 2 windmills in order to protect the envoirment  go green and to meet the modern world's competition and competitive prices. Still in order to maintain quality the company is planning for an ultra updated laboratory for testing of it's quality management and provide the best to it's customers. 
         the company is planning to install new machinery and increase the plant capacity by 75 metric tons and also enter into technical textiles. 
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